Sunday, October 7, 2012

Human Statue

Well this is the first time ive seen this, when i was down in vancouver this guy is a human statue and he just kind of stands there untill something happens then he will move and talk it was really cool hope you guys enjoy

Homeless man Fishing for Money

So i was down in Vancouver last week and i was walking around and i saw this guy sitting on this box with a fishing rod and a coffee cup asking for change, well i thought it was pretty cool i mean a bit weird but yeah, i gave him a quarter lol, what do you think, i took a video aswell here you go let me know what you think, comment here or on youtube that would be great!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Grow Socials Subscribes and page views Free site review

Hey guys so i found this new site (well maybe not so new) but its a site that allows you to gain views and subscribers for your site,

so i have played around with this site and yeah ill go threw the first few things it offers then pros and cons

first oif all the site offers views and subscribers for

- facebook
- twitter
- youtube
- google +

this inclused subscribes and page views for all site..

the site is free, you have to earn credits for viewing and subscribing to other peoples sites and then you can use those credits to get views on your sites,

the one problem i found for this site is that if it had alot more people it would have alot more success

is the website try it out and you fill find its a pretty great site,


Wednesday, September 26, 2012 iPhone app review

So I downloaded this app and its a pretty great app very clean and well put together when your doing the surveys the interface is great nothing bad about it I've seen some glitchy surveys apps. Menus are clean and easy to use. The only problem I found about this app is that there are barely any surveys. I don't know if its just my location or what but very disappointed for such a well put together app having no content. As for the surveys go the only 2 I've seen pay bout 10 cents not bad for a 5 min of questions.

I'd say check it out let me know if its just my location. Just post comments below

Sunday, September 23, 2012

iPhone 5 3G vs lte speeds

Edit: I did a few more LTE runs and i found the best i got was 40 MBPS. :D

Soo I did a speed test with the iPhone 5 on 3G network and then on lte and the results are pretty amazing check it out

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Iphone 5 Review

sooo i caved in i bought an iPhone 5, and after using it for a few days id have to say i do quite enjoy it, but then theres the fact that its just an iPhone, all the iPhones are really the same.

as for my reason for buying an iphone well ive tried all the other phones and its nice to switch up a little bit

- Iphone now has LTE compatibility, i got onto the network and it is extremely fast
- HD screen
- HD Video Recording
- well developed app store but when your buying apps that are older it shrinks the screen :(
- wifi sync

- Unique plug so u cant really share adapters with your friends with other phones like i used to do with my bb and samsung
- itunes
- cant connect as USB drive and just drag and drop everything has to be itunes


well as my little short review i must say an iphone is an iphone theres nothing extremely special about it and that you should get over another phone accept for the fact of personal preference, really all the phones now a days have the same stuff, so its just what design of phone you would like to have,


I'm Back

Soo, ive decited to start blogging again, the yes/no of me blogging ill start again, i have some new stuff to post so stay tuned